Meet the Characters

The Flibets

Welcome to the world of the Flibets! Their planet looks very much like ours, but it’s got floating
islands and most vehicles do not move on wheels, they hover! Join Zac, our protagonist, and his
family and friends as he experiences the world and goes on adventures that will put a smile on your
face and make you laugh out loud!


Meet the characters – The family


Mummy – Lin

Zac’s mummy, Lin, is a very kindhearted and friendly lady. She loves taking care of her family and spending time with her children and their friends. She often suggests going out on walks and she is a great cook!

Daddy – Fin

Fin is Zac’s daddy. He is a very loving and easygoing father, but he can also be very serious when he wants to teach the children an important lesson. He loves travelling and spending time with his family. He’s also not afraid to help around the house!


Zac is a very happy and kind toddler. He loves to play with his sisters, his friends and his pet cat, Kit. He enjoys the outdoors and he often takes Kit with him. Sometimes he can be silly, but he always laughs about it.


Ani is one of Zac’s older sisters. Even though she can’t walk, she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying life. She’s very active and sporty and she loves to dance. She’s the first one to join in on the fun and games. When she’s on her own, she often likes to sing.


Ina is Ani’s younger twin and she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She loves wearing pretty dresses and accessories, so you will always see her with a flower in her hair. In her free time, you will find her reading a book somewhere.

Grandpa Bili

Grandpa Bili is a wonderful man with a great sense of humour. He has a lot of animals on his farm and the children often ask to see them when they visit him.

Grandma Libi

Libi is a lovely grandma, who likes to play with her grandchildren and tell them stories. She lives on a farm and the children visit her as often as they can.


Kit is Zac’s pet cat. He is very young and playful and he often follows the children around. Sometimes he behaves like a dog. He walks in a funny way, a little bit like a kangaroo.


The rest



Dan is one of Zac’s best friends. He’s very gentle and usually quiet. He wants to be a photographer, so he often carries his camera and takes pictures when he is out with his friends. He is very good at hoverboarding and building things with his hands.


Grok is another friend of Zac’s. He’s fearless and sometimes he may make you gasp with his crazy stunts. He loves his friends and wants to help in any way he can.


Plok is a gentle giant. He loves nature and he will be the first one to stop and smell a flower when the group are out on an adventure. This makes him a bit forgetful, but his friends don’t mind.

Miss Klop

Miss Klop is Zac’s teacher. She is very caring and patient with the children and she often takes them out on educational trips. She teaches children all sorts of amazing things, but she also dances and sings with them. The children all love her and smile when they see her.