Using lullabies before bedtime every night is a wonderful way to prepare your child’s ear and brain for the English language.

Listening to soothing traditional lullabies as they fall asleep will not only help children with language learning, as our brains continue to learn subconsciously while we sleep, it will also help alleviate any fears related to it.

You can download and play the audio or video files to your child as often as you want, but we suggest, right before bedtime, playing the audio files only to avoid overstimulation from watching a screen before sleeping.



How to make the banners

Printing the banners will require multiple sheets of paper. After you have printed the banner of your choice:

  1. Put the printed sheets in order from left to right.
  2. Choose one side to cut so you can overlap the sheets*. Cut the same side of all sheets.
  3. Line up the sheets and glue them together, placing the cut side on top of the uncut side of the next sheet.

* If you’ve selected to print Cut marks, use them as a guide.


Find the Differences Game

Find the Differences Game

This game involves spotting the differences between two similar pictures of the characters in The Flibets series. It is an excellent way to develop your child’s visual and thinking skills as it challenges children to focus, think and learn to notice details. Print out the pages and encourage your child to circle the differences s/he notices.


My English Letters Fun Book